Bring Clarity to Your Telecom with an Audit by Merlin Communications

Bring Clarity to Your Telecom with an Audit by Merlin Communications

We know, the thought of doing any kind of audit is daunting and quite frankly many of us would rather have a root canal.  A Telecom audit on the other hand can save you A LOT of money, increase productivity and allow you more time to do the things you should be doing…focusing on your business (not getting a root canal)….

But how do you know you need to do an audit of your Telecommunications?

  1. There is no inventory of your telecom products and services
  2. When reviewing your telecom invoices, you have no idea what the terminology is or why there are so many costs.
  3. By blindly approving invoices because they are within 10% of the previous month’s charges
  4. Relying on your telecom provider to tell you what you have, or diagnose the source of a network outage
  5. Your company has acquired many companies over the past few years and the temporary integration is now permanent or forgotten
  6. This year’s budget relies solely on last years spend to determine the next fiscal operational budget
  7. You do not recognize the assignments on your wireless invoice
  8. Senior management’s request for information is continual and they want information now!

This is where we come in.  By allowing Merlin Communications to conduct a telecom audit we will help bring clarity to your telecom environment, most likely saving you money and time while also increasing productivity.

We will organize all your cost data in a way that can be easily understood, this will allow you to begin to start managing all your telecom costs effectively.

The results of the audit will be within a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) report.  Telecom Expense Management is a multi-dimensional approach to managing your telecommunications:

Inventory – Knowing what you have is very important.

Invoice – See what you’re being charged, and for what services

  • This can provide up to a 30% reduction in costs related to erroneous billing

Contract – Validate that your charges match your initial agreement

  • Stop paying for unused services
  • Eliminate late fees

HR – See who has what and where

Reporting – Cost Visibility, Exception Reporting, and Budget Alignment

Process – Gain efficiencies in telecom life cycle management

Financial – Pass off financial data with A/P and GL interfaces

This all adds up to a calculated amount of money saved, a net gain of productivity, and a lot of time to put back into doing what you do best…running your business.

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