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At Merlin Communications, our drive is to ensure that not only are our clients’ expectations met, but that they are exceeded.

For us, it’s all about managing the details.
We invite you to read through a few case studies below to get a better understanding of how we work with our clients, and how that relationship creates spectacular results.

Merlin Case Studies

Featured Case Study: IP Camera System Upgrade

Merlin has a client in the manufacturing and logistics industry that asked us to assist in upgrading their IP camera system. They had a very antiquated and unreliable system in place, and this was consistently failing them. Some of the issues were:

  • Camera’s becoming unusable
  • Remote access was cumbersome
  • Points of egress were not 100% visible
  • Camera’s had low resolution/frame rates
  • No scalability for expansion
  • Cost prohibitive of servicing

We met with them and discussed what they wanted. After a few phone calls we had a system built and ready to propose. During our submittal meeting, we explained that everything they wanted was not only considered during the design of our IP camera system, but we treated this as if it was protecting our own assets. Some of the features of their new systems are:

  • Camera’s equipped with night vision
  • Higher megapixel cameras
  • Ease of remote access
  • 100% coverage of points of egress
  • System warranty
  • Superior picture quality

During the installation process, our technicians worked with their I.T. team daily and made sure that every cable, jack, and label was installed to their specifications. Finalizing this install, we made sure to work and point and aim each and every camera to make sure that all high priority areas, points of entry and high traffic areas were in sync with what our customer expected.

Added Value:
While we were installing the IP camera system, we noticed their Access control systems were a bit older technology. We explained to them that being able to identify, through the camera system, who is going through each door and potentially knowing how product is leaving their premise, updating their access control system will limit unauthorized people from doing this. Also, even though you may have an employee on video doing this, having them enter their access control information is additional evidence.

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