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What is structured cabling?
Structured cabling is the highway that information and data travels on in buildings. The building can be large or small, commercial, or residential, or a combination of both as in the mixed-use retail, commercial, and residential buildings now found in most large cities. Structured cabling systems are designed around telecommunications code standards to ensure that computer equipment will operate as designed when connected to the structured cabling system.
What is the difference between CAT5 / CAT6?
The general difference between Cat5e cabling and Cat6 cabling is in the transmission performance, and extension of the available bandwidth from 100 MHz for category 5e to 250 MHz for category 6. This includes better insertion loss, near end crosstalk (NEXT), return loss, and equal level far end crosstalk (ELFEXT). These improvements provide a higher signal to noise ratio, allowing higher reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.
Do I need 1 or 2 cables per work area?

This decision is a commonly debated topic. The fact is that the cable is very inexpensive relative to the entire telecommunications system and the building that it serves. The increased functionality and bandwidth that one additional data cable can provide at each work area outlet can prove to be priceless, especially after the drywall is in placed.

Do you charge for an initial survey?
Initial surveys are free as are introductory meetings for design. However, visits to explore faults etc. that require an engineer are charged at call out rates.

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