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Move Your Business Forward with Structured Cabling

Our team likes to refer to the infrastructure of your cabling as the backbone of your network. What we mean is, it requires precision installation and professional accuracy to make sure all of your voice and data networks function properly. With Merlin, you get expert guidance from our technicians who optimize your installation to not only provide you with the best network for your data, but also extend the life of your equipment.

Put business growth back into your goals—with the right structured cabling from us, your business network has plenty of room to grow! You can save your IT team and network infrastructure personnel from wasting valuable time and energy trying to organize cables. Don’t be afraid to add new devices and communication lines, just choose Merlin for all of your cabling solutions.

we make things easy

…and affordable!

Affordable and easy are two of the many reasons why partnering with Merlin is the best decision for your business. We take network architecture seriously, you could even say it’s our passion, but that means you can count on us for an organized and professional approach to your project. With our help, we can make your physical space look cleaner, provide you with an easier way to identify problems in your network, and improve the speed, reliability, and security of your network!

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Your Single Service Provider

Your business deserves only the most robust and reliable communications and data network. Our goal is to map out the best possible network solution that scales to your business objectives. Discover the advanced solutions we offer for your network!

Why Partner With merlin?

We’ll be your reliable solutions advisor. Our approach involves:

Becoming experts on your business structure & goals

Understanding your IT infrastructure
Highlighting the optimal standards based solutions

Implementing and supporting your business with your selected solutions

Get Faster Solutions

We pride ourselves on identifying solutions for your new cabling projects, including:

Data center solutions
ISP & OSP copper & fiber applications including Air Blown Fiber

Structured Cabling—both installation and support

UPS Power for single phase and three phase applications

Special systems—Intercom, Paging, DAS, PTP, and so much more!

You Have to Start Somewhere

Our expert technicians will become experts on your existing cable set up—so you can plan a future direction for your cabling and network. We do this by:

Cleaning up existing wiring closets and areas

Identifying and labeling cable runs

Replacing damaged cabling

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From call centers to VoIP telecommunication systems, Merlin connects your business with the latest technology. Start with a FREE telecom audit to find out your next steps.

Your Approved COSTARS Supplier & Partner

We participate on COSTARS Contracts 003 – 524 (IT Hardware and Installations Services)
and COSTARS 040 – E22 – 120 (Security and Surveillance).

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