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At Merlin Communications, we bring together an expert team of technicians, engineers, and industry professionals to provide your business with the best technology for communications and business security. Tap into our wealth of knowledge in telecommunications to upgrade your phone systems, install new communication platforms, deploy video surveillance and other security systems.

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Telecom Carrier Solutions

From call centers to VoIP telecommunication systems, Merlin connects your business with the latest technology. Start with a FREE telecom audit to find out your next steps.

Your Approved COSTARS Supplier & Partner

We participate on COSTARS Contracts 003 – 524 (IT Hardware and Installations Services)
and COSTARS 040 – E22 – 120 (Security and Surveillance).

Take The Quiz, Start a Plan

Our free telecom assessment quiz is the perfect way to get a quick idea of where your business stands in case of emergency or disaster. We'll analyze your responses and contact you with ways to improve your readiness score!

South Central PA and National Needs

Structured Cabling

Stay Connected

The cabling infrastructure of your business is the backbone of your voice and data networks. With Merlin, you can count on precision and accuracy as we build your new cabling infrastructure.

Phone Systems & Support

Powered By Panasonic, Avaya

We offer some of the best and most reliable telecommunications solutions from Avaya and Panasonic. Partner with our expert team at Merlin for fast and professional installation and servicing.

Video Surveillance

We’ll watch your back

Gone are the days of pixelated and grainy surveillance video when you choose Merlin for your business’ security needs. Work with our team to develop, design, and install a custom surveillance system keeping you and your clients safer than ever.

Expert Subcontracting

You can trust Merlin

We know what it takes to establish and maintain positive relationships with our customers as well as yours. Discover how you can maintain your profitability while our certified technicians connect your customers with high-quality services and packages.






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