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Avaya phone systems are still used by many of the leading businesses around the world. Serving organizations at 220,000 customer locations worldwide, Avaya is the largest pure-play Unified Communications company. Their products run the range from older legacy model phones to the latest in IP Office systems with all of the bells and whistles you expect from today’s cutting edge telecom products.  

The Latest Avaya Products

An Avaya IP Office phone system unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone— using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

Avaya Vantage offers one-touch and voice-controlled audio, video and text, and an all-glass touchscreen with millions of cloud-based apps available at the touch of a finger.  Their easy-to-use devices have superior HD audio and crystal-clear technology for any size meeting room.

Avaya Legacy Support

Do you feel like your phone system is simply outdated and not keeping up with the needs of your business? Do you read about VoIP, Unified Communications and all of these other new telephony solutions? Who can you trust to help you make that leap to the latest and greatest technological solutions?

If your business is operating on legacy technology and you’re considering your options for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades, contact Merlin Communications and our team of seasoned experts will help guide you along the way.

The Realities of Legacy Phone Systems

A lot of the big names in phone systems that ruled the market 10 or 20 years ago are now gone. The companies that everyone trusted as the backbones to our businesses in the 90s and early 2000s are no longer. In many cases, there’s no need to replace a phone system immediately after the manufacturer or provider goes out of business or gets bought out. However, more and more often, businesses are finding themselves caught between a rock and a hard place because they’ve waited too long and now there’s not many companies out there with the technical experience required to effectively provide support to their Legacy System.

If you’ve found yourself in this position with your Avaya phone system or any another legacy provider, we encourage you to complete our contact form on this page, or give us a call at 717-859-1003.

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