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Introducing Oreo

Instead of writing about business, with this week being festive, we thought it would be good to share a little of what is going on in our home.

My wife and I recently rescued a Border Collie mix, her name was Suzie, now it is Oreo. She is just over a year old. It has been over two and a half years since we have had a dog, (we had 2 German Shepard’s). Oreo has acclimated very well into our home. She is of course on the beginning stages of being spoiled by both of us, (mostly my wife) lol. Oreo has very quickly gained a special place with both my wife and me, she is not hard to love. She will look at you with her floppy ears and whine for attention. Not much you can do but pet her and play tug of war with one of her toys.

Our family is most important to us, our son and daughter have given us 4 grandchildren, who come first in our hearts, Oreo is a welcome addition to our family, especially at this time of year, and this year!

Everyone at DenMark Business Solutions and Merlin Communications would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Hopefully your Holiday Season will be as complete as Oreo’s will be in her new home!