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Setting Up Your First Line of Defense Against Fire

Fire alarms are often your first response against fires in your building. While fire alarms don’t actively fight the fires, they will alert the people in your building of impending danger and facilitate early and orderly evacuation, along with notifying the fire and rescue squads as fast as possible. Proper installation and maintenance of your fire alarms is necessary to keep you totally protected at all times. Merlin is pleased to offer solutions that make sure your staff and your building are safe.


About Fire Systems

Fire Systems vary greatly is size, complication, price and features.  Here are just a few questions you should be considering when purchasing and implementing a fire system for your business or location:

  • Does your fire alarm panel have a “All Systems Normal” indication, with no troubles?
  • Are you in need of test and inspection? If so, would you like a competitive quote?
  • Do have continuing false alarms you would like to avoid?

Let Merlin take care of the installation, service, and programming of new or existing fire systems. We are pleased to offer industry leading products from highly rated brands such as Fire-lite and Silent Knight.

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