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Telecom Services for Schools From Merlin Communications

Our complete suite of telecom consulting services can cater to your school’s needs

Thanks to rapid developments in information technology, schools have more resources than ever for spreading knowledge. However, to make the most out of these tools, educational institutions need to coordinate multiple services.

At Merlin Communications, we manage telecom services like school phone systems and information networks. We understand that schools have different budgets and often need to optimize their costs.

Let us develop an education telecom solution for your school that enhances your learning environment.

Telecom Services for Schools

We work with more than 160 providers

Our complete suite of telecom consulting services can cater to your school’s needs. We work with more than 160 providers, so we can offer a custom solution that accounts for your telecommunications goals. Request a telecom service such as:

  • Free telecommunications audit: Potential clients may ask for a free telecom audit from our team. This audit will involve evaluating your current systems to determine where you can increase cost efficiency, productivity and accuracy.
  • Telecom expense management (TEM): When we perform TEM services, we’ll manage your telecommunication expenses and operations. We can coordinate your systems to minimize risks and maximize efficiency.
  • Telecom inventory management: As part of our TEM solutions, our team can provide telecom inventory management. This service involves organizing your telecom system’s service agreements and physical assets.
  • Cloud services: Secure cloud platforms save time and money by storing and processing information on the internet. We can arrange cloud services for your school that promote better collaboration.
  • Cable and VoIP phone services: We work with both cable and VoIP (internet-based) phone services to provide as many options as possible. We can help you find a different provider or make a complete transfer from one service type to the other.
  • Conference services: Today, many staff meetings happen in multiple locations thanks to remote conferences. We can set up a video, audio or internet conferencing solution that makes sense for your team.

When you hire our services, you can combine any of our solutions to build a telecom network that fits your institution’s needs.

How We Offer Education Industry Telecommunication Solutions


We welcome potential clients to check out our services through a free telecommunications audit. During the audit, we’ll assess your system’s inventory, invoices, contracts and operations for areas of improvement. After we draw our conclusions, we can work with you to coordinate a new telecom system. Our experts can tailor your telecommunications solution to your school’s goals. Let us provide services that focus on:

  • Affordability
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Portability
  • Compatibility
  • Ease of use

With a focus on customer satisfaction and custom solutions, we can find the right telecom system for your school.

Why Do Schools Choose Us for Telecom Management?

Businesses and organizations such as schools throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland choose us for telecom consulting. We offer our clients multiple benefits, including:

  • Scalability: Since we have more than 160 providers to work with, we can design a telecom system for a school of any size or budget.
  • Integration: We can focus on implementing compatible services that let you create a fully integrated school network.
  • Simplicity: Let us collaborate with you to establish a telecom network that teachers and students can use with ease.

At Merlin Communications, we scale and customize every solution to the client. Discover how we can transform your school’s telecom network by requesting a free quote today.

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